Norlux Teams Work Hard to Ensure a Safe Working Environment

Elgin, Illinois --- Norlux utilizes several "best-practices" to ensure the safest possible working environment. These include the Gemba Walk, Residual Risk Reduction, and Behavioral Based Safety. These help the company to protect both employees and visitors.

A “Gemba Walk” on the factory floor has become daily practice for Norlux management. Gemba is the Japanese word for "the real place." Each morning, the Walk is focused on a different operating principle, such as standardized work, 5S, Green wastes, manufacturing wastes and safety. If a hazardous situation is observed, action is immediately taken to fix it. Controls are put in place and additional operator training is conducted if necessary. If the hazard requires more attention, an action is logged to ensure adequate follow up.

The Residual Risk Reduction (R3) proactive approach helps Norlux to eliminate unsafe conditions by constantly examining processes and executing ways to reduce risk before any accident occurs.

The Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) program helps ensure that each operator is performing his or her job in a safest manner possible. Monthly safety training sessions include both front-office and production employees. Case studies featuring hazardous situations are presented as a learning tool, complete with warning signs and appropriate immediate and future corrective actions. Education sessions cover issues from proper lifting technique for heavy items to proper handling of hazardous materials.

Norlux employees are empowered to speak up about safety issues and prevent accidents. The manufacturing floor is clean, with good visual safety indicators throughout the facility. Norlux is an ISO 9000-2008 certified LED systems integrator.